February 6, 2013

T-Girls are Beautiful!

Kim Petras
I've got several reviews on Amazon for books in my T-Girl Encounters collection that have one thing in common.  They question the idea that a transwoman could somehow be attractive or feminine enough to pass as a woman.  They say things like this:

"Come on, I never have seen any trannies that have been that good that they can carry on the story for years."

Or this:

"The author would have you believe that Jerry has no clue that Denise is a transgender woman until she tells him."

Or this one i got just today:

"[The cock] belongs to a drop-dead gorgeous blonde so it's definitely fantasy."

Kylan Wenzel
Apparently, these reviewer haven't been looking at transgender porn or surfing Tumblr.  I do and I'm still amazed sometimes at some of the transsexuals and even crossdressers I see.  I mean, wow!  Sexy, feminine and pretty and most of all indistinguishable from natural woman in every way that counts.  And if you notice the pictures I've added to the post, you don't have to look at porn to find beautiful transwomen.  I can't believe some of the crossdressers are really men and only part-time women.  But that's not really the point, is it?

There are all types of women, some are naturally beautiful and some aren't.  Some age gracefully and others aren't so lucky.  I'm not going go on some rant about how our society shouldn't regard physical beauty as important or judge people based on looks.  That's human nature.  But does being less attractive make a woman less of a woman?

Jan Hamilton
Not to mention that many of us have unrealistic expectations when it comes to beauty.  Playboy Bunnies and runway models are not the norm.  Most of us aren't so blessed but that doesn't diminish us as people or as women.  Those quotes above though seem to suggest that not being outrageously attractive means a transsexual can't be regarded as a woman or that some men (and women) can't find a less than perfect woman attractive.

I'm not sure what ideas these readers have about transsexuals, crossdressers, drag queens and fembois (or women in general for that matter), but they seem to be pretty narrow and fairly negative.  And honestly, who cares if a woman, trans or otherwise, can "carry on the story?"  Gender is a state of mind, not a function of what does or doesn't get tucked into your panties.

Candis Cayne
And honestly, I write fiction.  Just like straight romance and erotica is full of hot, sexy women and God-like heroes, so is transgender erotica.  We all want to read about beautiful people having incredible sex.  Most of us get enough of average looks and mundane sex in our personal lives.  That's reality and there's nothing wrong with it, but fantasy should be, well, fantasy.

So, yes, my heroines are all passable and pretty.  Whether they are transsexuals, crossdressers or whatever, they are beautiful, sexy and attractive.  They have big, functional cocks or pretty soft penises, both are sexy, they are conventionally beautiful and in many cases, the men and women that they meet have no idea they are anything but the women they see themselves as.  Besides, most readers generate their own mental image of a character and who's to say they aren't envisioning the character as being quite average because they personally find that desirable.

Jenna Talackova
Those three statements above are a little offensive and way off base.  It's fiction, so it's OK to suspend your disbelief.  But there are many transwoman that are completely passable and to suggest that isn't even possible is just plain ignorant.  Honestly, I admire a person that is willing to go to the lengths transgendered people do to look and feel like the gender they are inside.  But being passable or not isn't what determines if your a woman just as having a vagina doesn't.  Gender isn't about how you look or what's between your legs, it's about how you feel and maybe that's all it takes for another person to see you as such.

I hope my stories not only turn people on but that they also present a positive view of transgendered people.  They might seem strange to you but I bet you seem strange to someone somewhere on this planet.  Whether transwomen, crossdressers, drag queens or sissies and whatever the motivation to feel feminine (or masculine as the case may be), they are all human beings just trying to make it through life as best they can.  They aren't ill, they aren't evil and they aren't crazy.  They just are and some of us happen to find them attractive.

By the way, all the women in the pictures are transgendered.  Kim Petras is a German pop star.  Kylan Wenzel is the first transwoman to compete for the Miss USA crown.  Jenna Talackova was a finalist in the Miss Universe Canada pageant.  Candis Cayne is an American actress.  Most interesting of all, Jan Hamilton is a former British Army officer,  paratrooper and reportedly quite macho and rugged as a male.


  1. I agree totally, T-girls can be absolutely gorgeous. I've been fascinated by them since before I even knew they existed in real life. I remember as a little boy, when all it took to get me aroused was the thought of a naked women, fantasizing about a beautiful woman who had a gorgeous cock in addition to her voluptuous curves. When I learned about real transgendered individuals I was even more fascinated and turned on and in recent years I've written my own transgender erotica to flesh out my fantasies.

  2. I had a the same experience. I found the idea of a beautiful woman with a cock exciting before I even knew such a thing existed. I remember thinking as a teen how cool it would be is only my fantasies could come true. Then I found the internet and there they were. The rest is history.

    Thanks for the comment!

  3. Thank you so very much!