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Housewives in Love
Janine's husband cheated on her five years ago and their marriage hasn't been the same since. Janine's neighbor and friend, Laura, is married to a serial cheater. Neither can wait until their kid's graduate high school and they can divorce their husbands. In the meantime, however, Janine has sought comfort and love in Laura's bed. Janine has fallen in love with her neighbor and cant wait to run away with her. For now, however, they are housewives in love.

This 3500 word short is sexy and to the point with enough characterization to make it satisfying.
Lipstick "Lesbian"
Kat was a lesbian through and through. She had never been with a man and had no desire to be. She liked lipstick lesbians, soft, sexy feminine women. So when the tall, thin, uber sexy Olivia walked into her life, Kat knew she had to have her. Just one problem, Olivia wasn’t a natural woman. She was a transsexual and Kat was about to discover that while she didn’t like men, the equipment was a lot of fun.

This 5000 words tale features a sexy mix of lesbian and transsexual erotica. You might not ever view either subject the same again.