Here you can find answers to all the questions you're dying ask, even if you didn't know you were:

Q:  Is Marlene your real name?

A:  No, its a pen name.  I have to protect our secret identity.  Seriously, there are a lot of judgmental people in this world and it's just easier to write erotica under a pen name.

Q:  Do you really enjoy transwoman, crossdressers and all that?
A:  God, yes!  I absolutely love women with cocks and men dressed like girls.  I always have and the more I've written about them, the more I love them.

Q:  How do you feel about gay and gender issues in general?

A:  Excellent question!  Glad I asked it ;)  Look, people are people and what they do with their lives is their business.  As long as it's not harming others, why should I care.  Life is too short to live your life according to other people rules or the spend your limited days on this planet trying to control other people's behavior.  In short, I'm a libertarian, fully supportive of gay and gender rights and feel the government should keep itself out of people's love lives and their bedrooms!

Q:  Do you do requests?
A:  I might if the idea has mass appeal and I like it.  You'll never know unless you tell me will you.

Q:  Why the change in direction?

A:  I love writing erotica and I love writing erotic romance.  But they are two very different beasts and the two shouldn't mix.  So, as not to offend those romance readers that might find Marlene's brand of TG erotica disturbing, I developed another pen name.

Q:  Will you be writing anymore erotic BBW Romances?

A:  Probably not.  I do, however, have some ideas for transgender romances and maybe some alternative romances, lesbian to name one idea.  I also am considering a series or a novel that involves a complete transformation of a man into his wife's full time sissy.  We'll see.

Q:  What Happened to Aimee?
A:  She stopped writing under that pen name.  She's moved on and it writing under another name and in a different genre.  Not allowed to say.  She's trying to make a clean break.  All of her previous works are and will remain on sale.

More to come!


  1. Marlene,

    I loved your 'Becoming his Sissy' book. I enjoy reading Maledom m/m books and the few sissy stories that have a dominant male. Do you plan to do a sequel to this book or write other Maledom sissy stories?


  2. I'm retired from erotica. Honestly, it was getting to hard to write what I really wanted. Amazon has and still is filtering books and as I write this they are doing another purge. I write under other pen names in other genres and it's nice not to have to please anyone but my readers. So sadly, no sequel. I'm glad you enjoyed the book, however.